Jul 15 2013

The Clone Wars Bonus Content Information Roundup

With San Diego Comic Con 2013 starting on Wednesday and Star Wars Celebration Europe II starting next Friday, July 26th, we feel very strongly that we will find out some information about the promised “Bonus Content” for “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” at one or both of these events. Information has been fairly sparse so far, so we decided to take this opportunity to remind everyone about what we do know about the The Clone Wars Bonus Content.

First we have the original announcement about the winding down of “The Clone Wars” from Dave Filoni. Contained within is a clip from an arc that has been nicknamed the “Order 66” arc:

Next up is a clip from an episode or arc that promises to provide information about one of the unresolved mysteries of the Prequel Era, the Jedi Master Sifo-Dyas. This clip was originally released by USA Today. On his Facebook page, Dave Filoni provided this additional information:

Fans, I hope you are all doing well, I am sorry it has been a long time since my last communication. You are about to take your first step into a larger world. Today I am going to give you a clue that belongs to a puzzle the Jedi have not been able to solve during the Clone War. You will be able to watch Jedi Master Plo Koon find another clue to this puzzle in a new video from the Clone Wars which is available here: http://usat.ly/ZRdsIy.

Now for your clue, it is one word, a name, and once you add this name to what you see in the above video, you will know where we are going with one of the upcoming stories. It is a name shrouded in mystery, but one of great significance to the overall story of the Clone Wars. The name Sifo-Dyas.

The next clip is from Star Wars Weekends 2013. This is presumed to be part of a “Yoda” arc that supposedly reveals more about the origins of Yoda. The quality is poor as it was filmed with a handheld camera or phone, but so far no official version has been released.

On his birthday, Dave Filoni gave Star Wars fans the following image and accompanying text as a gift:
Dave Filoni Yoda Art

It seems you all know that yesterday was my Birthday. James Arnold Taylor sent me a video of the audience at Star Wars Weekends wishing me Happy Birthday, I really appreciate that, and all the messages I received throughout the day. Usually one receives presents on their birthday, but today I would like to give one to you Star Wars Fans, for the kindness and support you have always shown me throughout my eight years at Lucasfilm. When I would discuss the new episodes of Clone Wars with George and the writers, I would draw the entire time. Here is an image that came out of one of these discussions. Have a great weekend everyone. Thanks!

During an interview with Rebel Force Radio, Dave Filoni pretty much confirmed that this artwork has something to do with the The Clone Wars Bonus Content, so we can speculate that it is part of the “Yoda” arc.

Finally, there is an arc that deals with Rush Clovis and features the bounty hunter Embo. Because this arc was completed and originally supposed to be part of Season 5, it is assumed that it will be seen as part of the Bonus Content. Again, the quality is very poor as it has not officially been released.

Like everyone else, I am very excited about the prospect of seeing more episodes of “Star Wars: The Clone Wars.” If you know of anything I have missed, please let me know by leaving a comment below..

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