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Nov 10 2014

Book Review: Tarkin by James Luceno

Synopsis: A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. . . . Bestselling Star Wars veteran James Luceno gives Grand Moff Tarkin the Star Wars: Darth Plagueis treatment, bringing a legendary character from A New Hope to full, fascinating life. He’s the scion of an honorable and revered family. A dedicated soldier and …

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Oct 09 2014

Hasbro 6″ Commander Cody… Sigh

At New York Comic Con 2014, Hasbro has unveiled a number of new Black Series 6″, Black Series 3 3/4″ and 5-points-of-articulation Saga Legends action figures for release in early 2015. As a fan of the Clone Commanders and all things Order 66, the figure that caught my attention above all others is the Black …

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Aug 20 2014

Darth Maul: Son Of Dathomir #4

The fourth and final issue of Star Wars Darth Maul: Son Of Dathomir is out today. With it brings the finale of not only the Darth Maul: Son Of Dathomir story arc, but it also brings the penultimate first-run Star Wars title from Dark Horse Comics.  The 24-year Star Wars license with Dark Horse comics …

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