Aug 02 2013

Star Wars The Arcade Game For Commodore 64


Growing up, one of my favorite Commodore 64 games was “Star Wars The Arcade Game” from Parker Brothers. The Commodore 64 version was one of the best ports of the game on the market, far superior to the port for the Atari 2600.

For all of the enjoyment I had playing “Star Wars The Arcade Game” on my Commodore 64, the most interesting memory I have of that game as an adult was not any particular achievement in game play. Instead, the memory that stands out to me most was how the game was acquired.

In 1984, after much begging, I managed to talk my parents into buying me a Commodore 64 computer. My cousin’s Commodore 64 was purchased from Circuit City, a now-defunct electronics retailer. Because my cousin had a good experience with Circuit City, we decided to purchase ours from there as well. I had already decided that my first game had to be “Star Wars The Arcade Game.” My heart was set on it.

Circuit City Stores

Imagine my disappointment when I found out that Circuit City did not have “Star Wars The Arcade Game” in stock. Unlike today, there were very few local retailers that sold Commodore 64 games, so we could not just go to the next store down the road and pick up a copy. The disappointment must have shown on my face, because the salesman said, “Tell you what… I happen to have a disk here that has “Star Wars The Arcade Game” and about 20 other games on it. For $25, I’ll make you a copy.”


The 12 year old me jumped for joy! My dad agreed and we took the salesman up on his offer. We purchased a box of blank 5 1/4″ floppy diskettes, opened it up and handed one to the salesman. He pulled a diskette from his briefcase and went to the back of the store. He returned a short time later and handed me the diskette. We paid him $25 and I had my copy of “Star Wars The Arcade Game.” The diskette also had “Gorf”, “Pitfall”, “Baseball”, and several other great games. He gave us his Circuit City branded business card and told us that if we wanted other games like “Pac-Man”, “Donkey Kong”, “Centipede”, “Frogger”, and more to give him a call and he would hook us up. Sad thing is, we took him up on that offer a couple of months later.

Star Wars The Arcade Game Commodore 64 Screenshot

Image Courtesy of Games Database

Looking back, the 40 year old me is still astonished that a Circuit City salesman was selling pirated software right there inside of Circuit City! Admittedly, my father and I were very naive about pirated software in the mid 1980’s. All the 12 year old me knew was that I had my copy of “Star Wars The Arcade Game.” It was the very first game I loaded on my brand new Commodore 64 and it remained a favorite until my Commodore 64 was retired in 1994 to make way for a brand new, top of the line Gateway 2000 computer with 486 processor.


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