Jul 27 2013

Star Wars Rebels Roundup

Star Wars Rebels LogoSo far, the most exciting news to come out of Star Wars Celebration Europe II was the Star Wars Rebels panel hosted by Warwick Davis and featuring Executive Producer Dave Filoni. Taking place in the 19 years between the end of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith and Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, Star Wars Rebels is an animated television series coming to Disney XD in Fall 2014.

Filoni did not have any video ready to be shown, but he did provide fans with their first look at the logo and some of the concept artwork for the show.

The Ghost eludes TIE Fighters (courtesy StarWars.com)

The “Ghost” eludes TIE Fighters (courtesy StarWars.com)

One of the primary ships that will be featured is called the “Ghost”, a cross between a B-17 and the Millennium Falcon.

TIE Fighter artwork inspired by Ralph McQuarrie (Courtesy StarWars.com)

TIE Fighter artwork inspired by Ralph McQuarrie (Courtesy StarWars.com)

According to Filoni, the designs seen in Star Wars Rebels will be based more closely on the concept artwork used by Ralph McQuarrie for the Original Trilogy films. The ships, vehicles, droids and character models in Rebels will be a couple of degrees away from how they appeared in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.

The video below provides a slide show of images from the Star Wars Rebels panel and the complete Q&A at the end with Dave Filoni. Special thanks goes out to TheHuskyDog7.

Immediately following the panel, two shirts went up for sale in the Celebration Store. The first shirt features the Star Wars Rebels logo. The second shirt features an outline of the “Ghost.” Both shirts sold out within an hour.

Images courtesy TheForce.Net

Images courtesy TheForce.Net

For the complete Star Wars Rebels news release, be sure to visit StarWars.com.

Today’s Star Wars Rebels panel was live-blogged at the Star Wars Blog..

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