Sep 30 2013

Gentle Giant Vintage Kenner First Shot Rocket Firing Boba Fett

Image Courtesy Gentle Giant

Image Courtesy Gentle Giant

According to Gentle Giant, the Jumbo Vintage Kenner First Shot Rocket Firing Boba Fett will be shipping this week to members of the Premier Guild. This limited edition PGM exclusive figure, molded in the color scheme of the legendary vintage Kenner First Shot Rocket Firing Boba Fett prototype figure, is sold out. But, if you joined the Premier Guild and selected this as your 2013 PGM Gift, expect it to start shipping on 10/1.

Gentle Giant Kenner Jumbo First Shot Boba Fett Rocket

Image Courtesy Gentle Giant

Our friends at GentleGiantCollectors.com have posted a review video of this unique figure. For the majority of collectors, this may be the closest that we will get to owning this iconic prototype:

The other Gentle Giant 2013 Premier Guild Star Wars gifts will be shipping later this month, with the Holographic Darth Vader mini bust shipping on 10/21 and the Mace Windu mini bust shipping on 10/28. Below is an up-to-date shipping schedule for Gentle Giant products:

Image Courtesy Gentle Giant

Gentle Giant shipping schedule as of 9/27/2013. Image Courtesy Gentle Giant


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