Aug 20 2013

First Star Wars Rebels Merchandise Arrives

Star Wars Rebels Merchandise - Shirt and PinThe first official Star Wars Rebels merchandise was available at Star Wars Celebration Europe. Fans who attended the Star Wars Rebels panel hosted by Dave Filoni were given a pin with the symbol of the Ghost, a ship that factors prominently in Star Wars Rebels. In addition, two shirts were available to purchase at the conclusion of the panel; one shirt featuring the schematics of the Ghost, while the other features the official logo for Star Wars Rebels.

Celebration Limited Edition LogoUnlike past Star Wars Celebration events, variants of some of the exclusive merchandise were available to purchase via the ReedPOP Supply Co. web site. The primary difference between the merchandise available online and that available at the convention is that the online merchandise features the Star Wars Celebration “Limited Edition” logo instead of the Star Wars Celebration “Europe” logo. Although the shirt with the Ghost schematics remains exclusive to attendees of Star Wars Celebration Europe, the shirt with the Star Wars Rebels logo went up for sale immediately on the ReedPOP Supply Co. web site.

To date, the Ghost pin remains elusive to non-attendees. The only way to obtain one was to have either been in attendance at the Star Wars Rebels panel at Star Wars Celebration Europe or to have been at the Star Wars 101 panel at the Disney D23 Expo a couple of weeks later. As a collector of promotional pins, I knew I must add one to my collection. So I took to eBay and managed to land one pretty quickly for just a few dollars.

Star Wars Rebels Merchandise - Pin URLIf you look closely, the Ghost pin contains the following microscopic URL: bit.ly/1cRVkzV

That URL takes you to a special secret page on the Star Wars Blog dated January 5, 1976 and entitled “Seen a ghost?” That page contains the schematics for the Ghost.

join_the_rebellionSince those schematics are in Aurebesh, I will defer to this article from our friends at Lightsaber Rattling who posted a translation from Facebook user Gergely Hangodi:

Modified VCX-100 light freighter
Corellian Engineering Corporation
Metrics: length: 43.9 meters, width: 34.2 meters, height: 14.5 meters
1. Nose turret’s gunner position
2. Forward floodlights
3. Main cockpit
4. Crew quarters
5. Port docking ring
6. Starboard docking ring
7. Dorsal laser cannon turret
8. Main cargo hold
9. Engine assembly

I am sure that Star Wars Rebels merchandise will be plentiful next year when the series premieres on the Disney Channel, but as a collector it is nice to own some of the first available items..

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