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Sep 22 2013

Seeing Star Wars In 1977 (Or Was It 1978?)

Until recently, whenever I was asked about my first experience seeing Star Wars, my answer had always been that I saw it in Elkin, North Carolina during the summer of 1977 at the age of 4. Recent reflections, mostly due to the creation of this site, have made me reconsider that answer and dive deeper into my past. Did I really see Star Wars in 1977?

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Aug 15 2013

Mystery Behind Luke Skywalker’s Yellow Lightsaber

Why did the vintage Kenner Luke Skywalker action figure come with a yellow lightsaber instead of blue?

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Aug 02 2013

Star Wars The Arcade Game For Commodore 64

For all of the enjoyment I had playing “Star Wars The Arcade Game” on my Commodore 64, the most interesting memory I have of that game as an adult was not any particular achievement in game play. Instead, the memory that stands out to me most was how the game was acquired.

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Jul 12 2013

The Story of Star Wars Album

One of my favorite Star Wars items from childhood was “The Story Of Star Wars” on cassette. Featuring music, sound effects and actual dialogue from the film, this was my way of being able to relive Star Wars in the days before home video. I carried this cassette around with me everywhere I went. To …

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