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Oct 09 2014

Hasbro 6″ Commander Cody… Sigh

At New York Comic Con 2014, Hasbro has unveiled a number of new Black Series 6″, Black Series 3 3/4″ and 5-points-of-articulation Saga Legends action figures for release in early 2015. As a fan of the Clone Commanders and all things Order 66, the figure that caught my attention above all others is the Black …

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Sep 03 2014

Hasbro “Reveal The Rebels: Jedi Reveal”

At Fan Expo Toronto, the Hasbro “Reveal The Rebels: Jedi Reveal” Mission Series set was confirmed. This set features Kanan Jarrus, Ezra Bridger and a Secret Exclusive Figure that is only available in the set. According to, that secret figure is none other than Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi as he will appear in Star …

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Oct 09 2013

Hasbro Star Wars Rebels Packaging And Plot Details

To coincide with the opening of New York Comic Con 2013, has unveiled the packaging artwork for the Hasbro Star Wars Rebels toy line and provided plot details about the upcoming show.

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Oct 05 2013

Free Luke Skywalker Hoth With Purchase Of WAMPA!

Gentle Giant has opened pre-orders for their Vintage Kenner Jumbo Wampa. Order by October 14, 2013 and receive a free Luke Skywalker Hoth Battle Gear figure!

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Sep 30 2013

Gentle Giant Vintage Kenner First Shot Rocket Firing Boba Fett

The Gentle Giant Jumbo Vintage Kenner First Shot Rocket Firing Boba Fett will be shipping this week to members of the Premier Guild. Click through for a review video courtesy of our friends at

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Aug 20 2013

First Star Wars Rebels Merchandise Arrives

The first official Star Wars Rebels merchandise was available at Star Wars Celebration Europe. Fans who attended the Star Wars Rebels panel hosted by Dave Filoni were given a pin with the symbol of the Ghost, a ship that factors prominently in Star Wars Rebels. In addition, two shirts were available to purchase at the conclusion of the panel; one shirt featuring the schematics of the Ghost, while the other features the official logo for Star Wars Rebels.

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Aug 15 2013

Mystery Behind Luke Skywalker’s Yellow Lightsaber

Why did the vintage Kenner Luke Skywalker action figure come with a yellow lightsaber instead of blue?

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Jul 25 2013

Hasbro Darth Plagueis Figure Revealed

At Star Wars Celebration Europe, Hasbro revealed the upcoming Darth Plagueis action figure. Click through for images of this highly-anticipated figure.

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Jul 20 2013

San Diego Comic Con 2013

Our favorite Star Wars items from Gentle Giant, Hasbro, and Del Rey that were revealed at San Diego Comic Con 2013.

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Jul 11 2013

Gentle Giant 2013 Premier Guild Holiday Exclusive Announced

Gentle Giant is proud to bring to you an early dose of Holiday cheer with the unveiling of our 2013 Holiday piece, the Holiday Jumbo Vintage Kenner Yoda Figure! Inspired by one of George Lucas’ famous holiday greeting cards, the Yoda Holiday 2013 Kenner Jumbo Figure comes with a faithfully-reproduced brown cane and a unique …

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